What is the Cube?

The Background idea:

In 2011 the two photographers Christian Martinelli and Andrea Pizzini started to build a new kind of camera. The goal was to create a new tool capable of taking images that are:

  • 1 meter square large positive color images (imagine a giant polaroid image)
  • The camera is capable to take images anywhere in the world.
  • The images we create are unique. Just like a polaroid every image is one of a kind. There is no negative, there is no duplicate.
  • The Image Quality is the best in the world. Unlike Polaroids these images are of extreme high quality and durability. There is no degradation, there is no loos in color and dynamic range performance. In fact the light has “burned” the colors on the special silver sheet we used to take the image.

The Artistic goal:

Once created the camera we developed our artistic vision. Our Cube Camera tells two kind of stories:

  • One story are the images we shot with the Cube as a camera
  • The second story is the Cube itself embedded in the reality we are photographing.

The Final result:

We have 200 pictures shot WITH the cube and 200 pictures OF the cube.

Why nobody can ever repeat our project:

In 2015 the company making the special silver paper stopped the production. We bough all of the last Stock. We are the only photographers in the world that have takes such huge COLOR landscape images. And nobody can ever repeat this as both the silver sheets and the checmicals are no more available.


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