In very short: The cube is a 2x2x2 meter large mirroring object built to have space for three people working inside. The cube is actually a giant photo camera that can take direct positive 1,07×1,07 meter large pictures! Cubestories shows and sells the unique pictures taken with the cube (Click here to see them) and pictures taken of the cube (Click here to see them).

The beginning:
Two years ago, when we were in Peking, we visited a camera market where we met the last shops still making and selling the old classic large format cameras. We started fantasizing about the idea of building a camera like that, but much bigger. We wanted to create the possibility of taking real size pictures, without having to pass through the usual enlargement process (Click here to see a picture showing the size of the photo). And every single picture we’d take with the camera would be unique and non reproducible…as if it was a painting. We wanted to create a camera that can take larger pictures not only from lanscapes but also from people (street and portrait photography) and in almost every possible place.

The building of the cube:
What started as a boyish challenge soon became a serious project that lead us to build a 2x2x2 meter cube (click here to see more pictures of the cube here). The camera we made with our own hands and self invented technology has walls of mirrors and has a modular structure. This allows us to dismantle and transport the single pieces in almost every possible place (click here to see pictures of the cube building process in the dolomites).

The photo quality:
But the real impressive work is done inside the cube. After months and months of testing, welding, and sleepless nights we achieved our goal:
taking very sharp pictures and having a unique and yet (on that picture size) not seen esthetic result. We are now capable of taking 1,07×1,07 meter big pictures having the following characteristics:
1) A picture taken with the cube is an original, one-of-a-kind. Directly on Ilfochrome paper.
2) There is neither a digital conversion, nor an analogue film process. The original natural light passes through an 18kg Nikon high quality lens and
impresses directly the silver paper. The light actually carves the image on the different silver layers creating a sort of light sculpture.
3) The photographic results are incredibly sharp and the resolution of the images is very high, with never seen color purity and image clarity.
4) The image has an impressive archival quality that doesn’t fade, discolor or deteriorate for a very long time. The pictures are rated at 200+ years, which can be interpreted to mean ‘indefinitely’. As with any archival standards, each individual’s mileage depends on environmental conditions.

Our artistic goals:
Capture stories of people, things and nature that are soon going to disappear in a unique picture. Some of our pictures are taken in ‘real size’. This means that what you see on the picture actually has the exact size of the object we photographed.

Picture purchase:
Every single picture is numbered (001, 002,…) and signed by the authors. What you will own is the direct 1,07×1,07meter large positive photo we took inside the cube. It has the uniqueness of a painting and a quality unmatched by any other picture you have ever seen. And there is only one of it in all the world! Along that picture you will also receive a 1,07×1,07meter print of the cube in the location where your numbered photo was taken. Just a note: We need two days of work and a minimum of three helpers to create one single picture. And it’s hard to get the picture right. It has an immense value for us.

The photographers:
Feel free to contact us at
Andrea Pizzini (idea and creation)
Christian Martinelli (idea and creation)
Andrea SalvĂ  (technical support)

Special thanks:
Melle Van Looveren (revision and logistic support), Modyf (Sponsoring), Sparkasse (Sponsoring) and all our friends helping us to carry the cube around!

If you want to read more about how we made the cube and how it works to take pictures, read the full history (Click here).